Indian Independence Day

The buzz of the new semester abounds. Today marks the day India commemorates its independence from the British Raj. I’m fortunate to be able to celebrate the ouster of the British at least thrice per annum. As an Indian/Pakistani-American, the sense of freedom and its movements and callings are felt on this day.

In late May, I participated in the inaugural Margaret Montoya Writing Retreat at the Campo Sano compound in DeLeon Springs, organized by LatCrit luminaries Saru Matambanadzo, Tayyab Mahmud, Franciso Valdes, and the namesake of the program, Margaret Montoya. And I started writing…

So it seemed fitting, that I would end the summer by returning to Volusia County with a talk at the Center for Earth Jurisprudence’s Ecological Immersion Academy at Blue Springs State Park. Margaret Stewart and Kelli McGee spearheaded this program by partnering with Clay Henderson at the Stetson Institute of Water and Environmental Resilience, Jane Durocher of the St. Johns Riverkeeper, and Ginger Adair and Katarina Locke of Volusia County Environmental Management.

There is nothing to rue about the summer, as I did have a summer.  In early June, I was in Boston for IGLP to be a part of the book panel for Locating Nature: The Making and Unmaking of International Law, which will be out next year with Cambridge University Press. Usha Natarajan and Julia Dehm have been guiding this project along across the continents and seas, when I first met them at IGLP Doha in 2013.

Then I trekked out to the National Environmental Health Association’s Annual Meeting in Anaheim. Highlight of the trip was going to the grand opening of Pixar Pier in Disneyland. I’ve been to Disney World over 100 times. This was my first trip to Disneyland, where we visited California Adventure Land. (Word to the wise: check that you are not in the swinging gondala line before you get to the top of the ferris wheel and it starts swinging.)

So today is the last day of the Ecological Immersion Academy…


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